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Uniphar Group

Experienced team with global backing from Uniphar Group

State-of-the-art warehouse

State-of-the-art warehouse facility opened June 2023

First class customer web portal

First class customer web portal, reporting and support services

Who we are

Who we are

Uniphar Logistics USA, part of the Uniphar Group a €2.4 billion global life science and pharmaceutical distribution company, established a 100% life science state-of-the-art pharma grade 3PL warehouse facility in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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An East Coast hub

This brand-new East Coast Hub facility will serve Uniphar’s existing global life science clients as well as North American manufacturers, reaching 70% of the population via two-day ground.

Global Supply Chain Solutions

Uniphar owned and operated GMP facilities with locations that are active in Ireland, the UK, Europe, USA, and Asia Pacific with a network of partner facilities in South America. 

New opportunities

In addition to first class warehousing, logistics and support services, for the life science industry, Uniphar Group brings multiple opportunities to our clients, including European distribution and sales, and in North America, patient services, healthcare call center services, product support and internal sales solutions.


Join the team

We’re currently seeking multiple positions for our new facility.